Granted, I’ve been out of the game for awhile, but I heard a rumor people are paying for Tinder.

My default reaction…

But then the New York Times ran a story today, Wait, People Pay for Tinder? (No idea if the link through will actually work with the paywalls and such, but Jonah Engel Bromwich, I tried to get you some clicks.) I give the failing NYT my 28 bucks a month for the privilege of clicking on whatever I want.

Off base here and am enjoying the groove…

I’m surprised but not buy the pay-to-play on Tinder. Apparently the paid upgrade options let the user doing things like boost their profiles or only show you people who’ve already liked you. That could be very lonely. And boring! Half the fun of Tinder was swiping right on someone and either getting an instant match or having your phone ping later because you matched with someone.

And why would you want to target your profile? This is a wide net situation kids. You never know what’s out there. Plus, it’s super fun to see how people present themselves when they have a such a limited character space and room for six photos. So Dak was dudes with other dudes with beer and dead animals. Portland was poly dudes with cats whose profiles said things like, '“If you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet my girlfriend.” Both were riddled with horrible grammar.

But it was funny. And fun.

Steve and I met on Tinder. There was a photo of him sitting on an Iron Throne replica and one of the lines in his profile was, “I have a PhD in physics, for reals, yo.”

Confident I was going to meet someone hilarious or the world’s biggest dork, I swiped right, and the rest is history. Without any boosting or gimmicks, I managed to meet a hilarious dork who is a great dog dad and always up for whatever insanity is on my radar.

Go Tinder!

For the record, we matched the instant I swiped right, so the good doctor is a smart one.