A game recently swept through one of the German Shorthaired Pointer enthusiast pages I frequent.  It was one of those silly challenges that starts to quickly illicit backlash posts requesting the end of the game.  I was fine with it as it was over the inauguration and the GSP game was a nice way to break up all the political posts.

I did get called a "Libtard" in a different GSP post a couple days later.  It's fun to let people think I'm a snowflake; my spine is made of steel.  

It was a fairly simple game.  The dog parent or owner was to post a photo of his or her dog in a side-by-side shot with a clue as to the dog's name and then others in the group were to guess the name.  

Our contribution.  Dylan art by  Shaine Schroeder .

Our contribution.  Dylan art by Shaine Schroeder.

Some were simple, like the photo of the trigger of a gun was obviously Trigger or a photo of John Wayne for a dog named Duke.  I remembered seeing someone reference a dog named "Rommel" once, so I kept looking for that picture, wondering if I'd made that whole scenario up.  A lesser Nazi is still a Nazi.  I discovered that lots of GSPs are named after brands of hunting gear or guns, with lots of Cabelas, Benellis, and Remis in the mix. 

Joey wasn't the only musical dog--we saw a Haggard and I'm sure we missed a Dylan.  There's always a Dylan.  It didn't take someone too long to guess Johanna for her.  She's "Visions of Johanna," for reals, Joey for everyday, Jobu when she makes me laugh, and Asshole a small percentage of the time.

I did have a sign of personal growth when someone posted a side-by-side of his or her dog and a photo of a white person dressed up as the Florida State mascot.  I did not ask if the dog was named, "Appropriation."